The Workshop for Young Engineers

About The WYE

The Workshop for Young Engineers (WYE) started as a single after school class in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2010. From then until 2015, WYE grew as a small but well-loved enrichment service for the local communities, enrolling up to 500 students each school year.

The mission was to inspire personal, intellectual, and creative growth in children by means of hands-on engineering projects, and to promote resourcefulness, troubleshooting, and a practical understanding of physics. Now the WYE curriculum is freely available to the public to encourage others to continue that mission.

About the Creator
Lance Akiyama is the creator of the Workshop for Young Engineers. He currently holds a full time position as a science curriculum developer for Galileo Learning, an innovative summer camp company.

Lance is also the author of the upcoming books "The Rubber Band Engineer" and "The Duct Tape Engineer". In his spare time he develops plans for elaborate contraptions, writes in cryptic backwards handwriting, and flies by strapping homemade paper wings to his arms and leaping from rooftops.